Date Night: Reno Guns and Range

*A challenging part of fatherhood is continuing to cultivate the spousal relationship that resulted in that fatherhood. Part of our reviews feature will focus on Date Night ideas.*

Looking for a unique and fun activity for a night out with the wife? Check out Reno Guns and Range for an hour or so of shooting before your dinner reservation.

My wife and I had a few hours free on a Friday night thanks to our wonderful babysitter and wanted a little more than a movie to compliment our upcoming dinner. We debated a few ideas, went back and forth on some things we’ve done previously before settling on a unique date night idea: shooting range!

Here is a quick overview of our fantastic experience:  We were initially concerned about Friday night crowds and being rushed on a firing lane ruining the experience. We wanted a laid-back, casual experience without the pressure of being rushed. We were going one way or another and were pleasantly surprised to see exactly what we wanted. The lanes were open, just a few people with the same idea as ours. This allowed for a more relaxed environment where we could focus on each other and our activity and shut the rest of the world out.

You can take your own personal gun(s) or rent one of the many options at the counter for a more than reasonable price. You can also rent the required eye/ear protection and purchase targets. I’ll outline the costs at the end of the post, but for a date night without bringing your own gear you can get expect to start around $75.

If you aren’t experienced with firearms, there is a range attendant who can be of great assistance to get you pointed in the right direction. I don’t think there is a cost, I just saw the attendant assisting a few people and offering suggestions and advice on technique and products. He left us alone keeping a watchful eye for safety concerns.

We went through the 100 rounds I brought and had to buy a few boxes and more targets, but it was a great and low stress experience overall and a unique date night experience. I encourage you to consider it for a future date night, whether you are a gun person or not. The environment is controlled, it is safe, and allows the opportunity to get off the beaten path of movie and dinner date nights.

Date Night Cost:

  • Range Fees: $15/person ($30/couple)
  • Gun Rental: $10/gun, $25 for three
  • Eye/Ear Protection: $5 ($10/couple)
  • Targets: $1-2/each
  • Ammo: $20 for 50

Total Date Night: $75

You can save some money by bringing your own gun, ammo, targets, and protection and get out of there for $30. Their prices are very reasonable, in any case.

Reno Guns and Range is a locally owned shop on Kietzke behind the Harley Davidson store.

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