Helping Hungry Children

What if your child had to go hungry on a regular basis? For 1 in 4 children in Washoe County, this isn’t a theoretical question – it’s reality. We’re talking about local children, many of whom likely go to school alongside our kids. This situation can happen for many number of reasons, but the fact remains that in our community there are too many children who are only getting their meals at school. Unfortunately, our community is not immune to this issue, and fortunately, there are people helping to make things better.

Meet Reno local Cory Dayton, the founder of fundraising event Headlock on Hunger, and a father himself. About 5 years ago, Dayton found himself in the position described above – unsure he’d be able to feed his children. Sparing you the complex details, Dayton was going through a divorce and his spousal support calculations were misestimated due to some overtime he had received in the past. He plead with the judge, but to no avail.

“I left the courtroom that day scared, and for the first time in my life I felt like I was no longer in control,” remembers Dayton. “As a father I always viewed my role as a provider and protector of my children, but I was no longer capable of providing. I can say as a dad that was one of the worst feelings I’ve experienced since becoming a parent. I felt like I had failed them, and also found myself extremely bitter. Here I am a guy who played by the rules, never had anything as small as a parking ticket, would literally die for his children, and I’m being treated like a deadbeat dad. This forced me to ask a lot of difficult questions like how am I going to feed my children, put presents under the tree during Christmas, or explain this to my children?”

Fortunately, he received help from his girlfriend – she made sure the children never missed a meal and that they had presents under the Christmas tree. It wasn’t until years later that the impact of this selfless act really hit him. So moved by the experience, Dayton later created Headlock on Hunger, a live professional wrestling fundraising event that benefits the Food Bank of Northern Nevada. Admission is only $5, which can provide 15 meals to children in need. Isn’t that amazing? Below are the details for this year’s event. We strongly encourage you to attend or support this cause however you can.

Headlock on Hunger

When: Saturday, November 18 @ 7:00pm
Where: Reed High School – 1350 Baring Blvd, Sparks, NV
Admission: $5 (buy tickets)

Promotional Flyer (PDF)

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