Reno Dads Podcast Episode 2: Dave Mulligan, author of Mulligan’s Wake

Dave Mulligan Interview – Mulligan’s Wake

In this episode of the Reno Dads Podcast we had a ton of fun as we interviewed Reno local, Dave Mulligan, about his first book, “Mulligan’s Wake.” Dave unknowingly started writing this book in the form of a travel journal during the period immediately following his father’s death.

Beginning with a series of youthful indiscretions, Dave bought a circuit plane ticket around the world and left everything behind to find himself. On his trip around the world, Dave had a series of “conversations” with his father about life. Mulligan’s Wake is the exploration of Dave’s relationship with his father following his father’s death and about living life in his father’s wake.

Dave Mulligan is a married father of three, living along the beautiful Truckee River. Dave hosts and produces travel shows for television. Dave’s father, Jim, was a writer on Laugh In and a producer/writer on M*A*S*H*.

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Show Highlights

  • We added music to our intro! And you are now able to subscribe on iTunes and through the RSS feed
  • Introduction of Reno local Dave Mulligan, entrepreneur and now author
  • Dave Mulligan’s background and the events immediately following his father’s death
  • An exciting adventure in Marineland in Palos Verdes riding killer whales in the middle of the night…
  • …and the consequences
  • Exploring himself and the world upon buying a circuit plane ticket
  • How Dave’s father shaped his life
  • How he got his book published

The Reno Dads Fast Five

  • Dave’s reaction upon learning he was becoming a father
  • What Dave learned from his father to make him the man he is today
  • Dave’s funniest fatherhood moment
  • Favorite part of being a father
  • What Dave hopes his legacy will be for his children

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