Reno Dads Podcast Episode 3: Best Movie Dads

Best Movie Dads

In this episode, the Reno Dads gathered in the podcast booth to discuss the best movie dads. More specifically, we set out to create our own personal Mt. Rushmore of Movie Dads – each nominating four movie dads. This is a topic that can be debated endlessly. In fact, you’ve likely even encountered a movie dad list online before. But, from the goofy to the serious and the protectors to the negligent, our list of movie dads might have a few surprises for you.

Make Makes A Dad The “Best?”

You may be asking, how exactly are we defining best movie dads? Great question. Our hosts Mike, Jonathan, and David tasked themselves with simply identifying four fathers to bring to the table for discussion – our “Mt. Rushmore” of movie dads. The fathers could simply be great movie dads that we aspire to. Or even horrible movie dads in a classical sense, but with a compelling relationship that we could explore further. We didn’t want to narrow our focus, but wanted to interject our own personalities into our choices.

Some of the fathers on our list are classic American dads, those types of movie dads that we can see a bit of our own fathers inside the character. A few of the best movie dads were exceptionally heroic and would do anything, anything, to protect their children. And some dads’ stories are simply found in every one of us… just dads struggling with the work-life balance or sacrificing for our families.

The movie dads who made our list spoke to each of us – their values, their actions, or their complexity. Who would you have included in your top four? Let us know!

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