The Journey of Fatherhood as Told Through 20 Star Wars Quotes

One of my favorite film series of all time is Star Wars. So, to celebrate Star Wars Day this year, I thought I’d share some fatherhood moments as expressed through Star Wars quotes. And no, I didn’t take the easy way out with the “I am your father,” Vader quote (even though I really wanted to).

When you think you’re ready to become a father:

When you found out you got her pregnant: 

When it’s your turn to change the poopy diaper:

When your kid gets sick for the first time:

When you get them to bed without a fight:

When you have a second child:

When you want them to try something new:

When it’s quiet; too quiet:

When your kid is potty training: 

When your kid keeps asking “Why?”:

When your kid yells, “DAD! Come here!” from the other room:

When you need some quiet:

When your kid has an epic meltdown:

When they’re plotting something:

When you realize who the new boss is:

When you make your kid cry:

When your kid eats their weight in chocolate:

When your kid finally beats you at something:

When your #dadjoke is cut short:

When you know:

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