Reno Dads Podcast Episode 7: Chatting with Mayor Hillary Schieve


Chatting with Mayor Hillary Schieve

In this episode, the Reno Dads spend some time with Reno’s Mayor, Hillary Schieve, and talk with her about our awesome city! We cover a few interesting topics that we know are important to dads and families in the Northern Nevada area:  What makes Reno such a family friendly place?  How does the City of Reno try to balance economic growth with the impact on families?

A big issue here in the Northern Nevada region is how the economic growth is affecting the availability of affordable housing — Mayor Schieve gives a bit of insight into how Reno can continue to grow and address the housing issue in the near and longer terms. We get a look at the catalog of City of Reno recreation programs, and finally, we hear about Mayor Schieve’s personal connection to addressing mental health in our community.

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