35 Family Halloween Costume Ideas

I wouldn’t have expected that I’d be advocating for family Halloween costumes, but here I am. I’ve always aggressively rejected the “matchy-matchy” gimmick. If my wife and I were even wearing the same color shirt, I’d go change. But, perhaps I’ve fully embraced this dad role, because now I look forward to planning our family costumes on Halloween. This year, we’re themed out as Marvel’s Avengers, complete with padded-muscle costumes.

Each year, Reno Dads has also been a big supporter of PumpkinPalooza (Oct 21, 11am in Victorian Square – you should go). Last year, we saw thousands of costumes and amongst our favorites were the family costumes. I don’t know if it’s because it shows that you’re making an effort to celebrate Halloween, or if it’s because there’s just something about family unity that makes an impact. Either way, I want to encourage more family costumes, so I’ve curated a monster list below to provide you with some inspiration (as well as a photo gallery below the list).

Family Halloween Costume Ideas

  1. Where’s Waldo (everyone looks good in stripes)
  2. Goldilocks and the 3 Bears
  3. Wreck it Ralph characters
  4. Superheroes (mix Marvel and DC at your own risk)
  5. Harry Potter characters
  6. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys
  7. Pac Man Family
  8. Inside Out characters
  9. 101 Dalmatians characters
  10. Care Bears
  11. Cops and robbers
  12. Little Mermaid characters
  13. The big bad wolf and the 3 little pigs
  14. Toy Story characters
  15. Mario Bros characters
  16. Sandlot characters
  17. Aladdin characters
  18. Farmer family
  19. Trophy family
  20. Circus family
  21. S’mores
  22. Stick family
  23. Wizard of Oz characters
  24. Peanuts characters
  25. Peter Pan and his shadow (see the photo)
  26. Ninja Turtles
  27. Goonies characters
  28. Duck, duck, goose (see the photo)
  29. Football fans
  30. Monsters Inc characters
  31. Top Gun
  32. Hunter family
  33. Up characters
  34. Pirate family
  35. Scooby Doo characters

Family Halloween Costume Photo Gallery

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