NEW SHOW: The Unbelievables Christmas Spectacular

The air is cold and crisp in Reno again. As I drive through my neighborhood on the way home each night, I spot another house that is newly festooned with brightly colored lights and lawn ornaments. No denying it – it’s Christmastime!

If you’re ready to really jumpstart your Christmas spirit, I highly recommend getting the family to The Unbelievables Christmas Spectacular at the Eldorado. It’s a 90-minute non-stop show that will get you clapping, laughing, ohhhing and ahhhing, and overall just feeling happy.

The show features natural songbird, Evie Clair, who is a 14-year-old finalist from America’s Got Talent. If you don’t know her, below is a quick sampling of her ability. The performance in the video is actually a tribute to her father, who passed away from cancer a week before her finale performance. She’s been described as having the voice of an angel. After hearing her sing in person, I can agree that there’s an etherial quality to it, which fits nicely with Christmas songs. Show is nearly worth the price of just seeing her perform.

But, there is much much more in store for you in this performance (they really do pack a ton into this program). You can expect very talented musicians, acrobats, magicians, and contortionists to provide you with variety of styles of entertainment. Magician Joseph Gabriel made more birds appear from thin air than I could keep track of. Contortionist Jordan McKnight was a crowd favorite as she bent her body into impossible shapes, at one point even sitting down on top of her own head. Not all of the performances came with an obvious connection to Christmas, but overall the show feels just like Christmas.

Unbelievables cast

Perhaps my favorite performance of the night, was that of sand artist Yulia Kurkina. She effortlessly transformed handfuls of ordinary sand into really spectacular holiday scenery while being serenaded with heavenly Christmas music. It was one of those perfect moments in the show that just made you feel like you were fully embraced by the feeling we all want to have during the Christmas season – peace, love, awe, innocence, and harmony.

As we returned to the cold winter air on our way back to our car, the warmth of the show stayed with us.

Show Information

Performance schedule:
Monday – No performances
Tuesday – Thursday – 7pm
Friday – 5:30pm & 8pm
Saturday – 3pm & 7pm
Sunday – 2pm & 5:30pm

Kids: $19.95
Adults: $29.95
Prices vary for VIP seating, etc.
Purchase tickets online

Note: The Eldorado allowed my family to experience this show so we could share it with you! All opinions expressed in this article are my own. Merry Christmas!

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