Kids and Coffee. Coffee and Kids.

By Ellen Burcham, Creator of The Lucky Childe

Because energy is a key for all caregivers, the two are often synonymous with each other. Which is how The Lucky Childe came to be. One morning, I had my then toddler daughter at a local coffee shop. When I turned my back to pay for my drink, she managed to knock over the entire retail display. Mortified, I rushed to clean it up, while other patrons snickered and watched. After that experience, I dreamed of bringing to life a creative café where children were not only welcome, but celebrated. And where parents could relax and enjoy interacting with their child over healthy food and a great cup of coffee.

A Creative Café

As a mother, I know the importance of spending one on one time with your children and devoting time to experience things as a family. The café and activity center is designed to offer a child-focused environment that allows families the opportunity to interact together over healthy food, creativity and collaboration. The Lucky Childe offers activities focused on imagination, learning and hands on artistry, rather than technology.

The Lucky Childe

The unique spelling of childe symbolizes a child of noble birth. Cultivating a healthy learning environment, we seek to afford every child the space to be loved and valued. My mission is to create an interactive environment that nurtures relationships while offering benefits for both child and parent making everyone feel lucky.

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