New Reno Topgolf Swing Suite is Way More Than Golf

The Silver Legacy Resort Casino in downtown Reno debuted its new Topgolf Swing Suite recently and many people, like myself, had a similar reaction.

“Oh, it’s just like hitting a golf ball into a screen.”


For starters, and to be fair, THE ROW’s Topgolf is certainly not like the Las Vegas Topgolf, which is an outdoor driving range. The Reno version, which is indoors, is a more versatile gaming experience because it was built to entertain the masses and not just the average golfer.

In reality, it should really be called “Topgolf Swing Suite/Zombie Dodgeball/Baseball Pitching/Hockey Shot/Classic Carnival Games/Football/Good Food/Drinks/Big TVs/Fun For All Ages/All Around Good Time Place.” But, that’d require a pretty large sign.

The Reno Dads crew was invited recently to check out the new location in between Rum Bullions Island Bar and El Jefe’s Cantina inside THE ROW (Circus Circus, Silver Legacy, Eldorado).

What was expected to be a lounge full of golfers looking to stay out of the sun was, instead, a huge space with four entertainment bays, a full bar, TVs everywhere and a specially-designed menu with food from chefs in THE ROW. It’s a place where kids can celebrate a birthday party in the afternoon but in the evening adults can experience a lively game night to enjoy cocktails and let loose.

Reno Dads had a two-hour window and we tried out each of the games I listed above to get the whole experience.

reno topgolf suit baseball game
Reno Dad Danny showing off his fastball.

Things we liked from Reno Topgolf Swing Suite:

  • The golf is the coup de gras of Topgolf. There are several golfing options, including a closest-to-the-pin style game, a driving range game where you get points for hitting certain targets and you can also play an actual course (like Pebble Beach).
  • Outside of the golf, the Baseball Pitching game drew the highest-rated reviews. The sophisticated sensors can track the speed and trajectory of a golf ball but can also clock your fastball with a radar gun, which led to a few sore shoulders and increased competitiveness.
  • Zombie Dodgeball and Carnival Games probably had the broadest appeal and also required the most physical exertion since you had to pick up the balls after you threw them.
  • Word from the wise: The Hockey game is not about how hard you can hit the puck (which is actually a ball like with roller hockey), it’s about precision wristers.
  • The Loaded Waffle Fries (waffle fries with nacho toppings) and the Hole In One (Kronut, Vanilla Gelato, Warm Chocolate Fudge, Salted Peanuts) are unbelievably delicious.
Reno topgolf suite loaded waffle fries

The system overall is super easy to use and the accuracy of the sensors is solid.

The nice thing about it is I can return to either play some golf with my dad, or bring my family and play dodgeball and carnival games. The bigger the group, the better the value.

Rates start at $50 an hour for up to eight players ($6.25 per hour, per player if you have eight). Happy Hour is Wednesday-Friday from 4-6 p.m. ($35/hour).

Reno Topgolf, golf, sports, entertainment
Diners eat at the Topgolf Swing Suite inside the Silver Legacy Casino Resort. Topgolf features a special menu featuring food from chefs on THE ROW. (Photo courtesy of THE ROW)

For more information, visit the Topgolf website.

Note: Topgolf Suite did provide the experience here so we could share what it’s like with the community. But, all of the opinions in this article are my own and I can’t wait to get back here!

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