Dark Pursuit of the Paranormal

Let me set the scene for you: You know a sweet, loving girl named Alma who slowly went crazy. As a result, her parents locked her in their basement. She cried and begged to be let out. Passersby and neighbors could hear her shrieks, but dared not intervene for fear of their own safety. One day the shrieks just stopped. What happened to her? Did she take her own life? Did her parents kill her? All we know is Alma haunts the basement of what is now Reno Axe.

Are you the type that likes to be scared? If so, then Dark Pursuit is definitely for you! Now I can’t guarantee your experience will be like ours. We showed up early to have dinner and a drink at Reno Axe. They have a limited, but delicious menu from Liberty Foods. Their beer selection was on point. We chose local favorite Revision for our libations.

As we finished filling out our liability waiver (that should let you know this is MORE than a maze or just a puzzle room), we were forced to evacuate. Reno Fire, REMSA and Reno Police filled the streets and rolled deep to our location for a nearby fire. Everyone looked around bewildered by the situation. We couldn’t help but wonder if this was all part of the show.

We were then escorted to the basement where we were told the rules, the safety regulations and the back story for Dark Pursuit. Pulses were already raised from unexplained evacuation. The door opened and we found ourselves in a pitch black maze.

To find out what happened next, you’ll just have to experience it for yourself. What? We’re not giving away any spoilers! But, I can confirm this is unlike any experience you’ve been to around Reno/Sparks. Is it an escape room? Not exactly. Is it a maze? Not exactly. Is it a haunted house? Not exactly. Its really something different and fun!

So, grab some thrill-seeking friends (or plan a date night), down a couple drinks and try something new. You can find Dark Pursuit at 100 N. Sierra Street (at Reno Axe, which is next door to Liberty Food and Wine Exchange).

Furthermore, Paranormal NV took their crew through the basement to investigate if Dark Pursuit was truly haunted. Find out for yourself August 17th at 10pm for the watch party held at Dark Pursuit. Unfortunately, that is past this dad’s bedtime, but I highly suggest you check it out if you can!

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