The Bachelor is the worst show on TV – I watch it anyway

It’s two hours of pain. It’s two hours of screaming at the TV. It’s two hours of smack-talking 30 women looking for love in the most unconventional way, in front of millions of viewers.

The Bachelor is a show on ABC that everyone knows and you either love it or hate it.

I hate it. I also hate The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, yet haven’t missed an episode in the last two years.

I also went to the Bachelor Live, a two-hour show on Feb. 15 with local contestants at the Grand Sierra Resort.

Why do I put myself through this hell, you’re probably asking? Why do I have to hear these twenty-somethings tell me how “vulnerable” they are, how a fellow contestant is “not here for the right reasons,” or how just being on the show is “literally so hard“?

I love my wife.

Finding things to do together with your significant other is paramount in successfully raising children and maintain a healthy marriage.

Host Chris Harrison. (ABC/Kelsey McNeal)

With endless streaming options available, there are so many shows that can pique the interest of any individual but it seems like finding a show both parents like is more difficult.

The Bachelor was a show my wife watched before we had kids and when were had time to watch whatever we wanted. I’d see her in our bedroom watching the show by herself and sometimes I’d snuggle up next to her and observe.

A few minutes later, she’d kick me out of the bed because I annoyed her with my trash talking. I just couldn’t see how people would make such fools of themselves on live TV with all their ridiculous jealousies, hysterical crying and the NERVE that the bachelor or bachelorette could kiss multiple people, despite knowing exactly what they signed up for.

And(!) how could the viewers really watch people go through such embarrassing breakdowns. I guess it’s the same reason why people slow down on Interstate 80 to watch a wreck on the opposite side of the freeway.

Despite the torture, the constant infusion of drama, the needlessness of having it last two hours and sometimes three when you only need an hour, my wife and I snuggle up on the couch and trash talk the contestants together.

It’s our show. It’s our thing. We get to complain together, though my criticisms are far less obnoxious now because it doesn’t do any good. When stupid things happen like the Kelsey champagne incident, we get to share those inside jokes at family gatherings.

Bachelor Champagne In Face GIF - Bachelor ChampagneInFace Drinking GIFs

There are plenty of other shows my wife and I can watch together, but the Bachelor just feels a bit different. We both get a little more excited on Mondays as opposed to our other shows.

I think she loves that I watch it with her. She knows how much I hate it but I show up every week.

I’m part of Bachelor Nation and don’t you judge me for it. Maybe you should give it a try.

It wouldn’t hurt to be a little more vulnerable.

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