Reno Dads Guide to Youth Baseball and Softball in Reno

Youth Baseball and Softball in Reno

[Updated for 2022]
It’s that time of year again when registration for spring youth sports are opening up and parents all over Reno are clearing their calendars for baseball, softball, soccer, and every other sport hosting spring leagues.

With so many options, we wanted to compile a list of community and private organizations below concentrating on the younger kids (as most older kids are already familiar with their league and options). For those that aren’t, feel free to reach out and we can assist in getting you to the right place.

This article focuses on youth baseball and softball in the Reno, Sparks, and Carson City areas. We do try to compile a resource for other sports, so feel free to share some sports you’d like to know about and we will try to do some digging around for you! If you notice that a league or team is missing or want us to add your organization, please let us know and we can add it to the list.

The biggest development in the last year for Reno Baseball and Softball is Washoe Little League adding softball for girls ages 4-12 to their list of offerings. For years, girls in South Reno have had to travel to other parts of town for recreation softball. The massive growth in South Reno brought some very dedicated and highly motivated folks to Washoe Littler League to create something special for hundreds of girls in the area. Maybe hundreds of girls playing softball can encourage the folks at Washoe County to build community softball fields for the girls down south…

Little League – Baseball

Most people are familiar with Little League. Little League is for boys and girls ages 4-12 and is the quintessential place to experience youth baseball in a safe and fun environment and is the main community focused organization in the Reno area. Little League offers recreational baseball for the communities they serve with each organization supported by the community itself from parent volunteers to local businesses sponsoring each league. If you are new to baseball, this is where you start.

Each league works off a zoning system where a player is eligible based on where they live or go to school. If you are unsure what league you are in, check out the link below and input your address or the address of your kid’s school. You can then go to your league’s page and reach out to the league administrator for further assistance on registration and other questions. Deadlines are approaching, some end of January, others end of February – look up your league as soon as possible to ensure you don’t miss out!

Little League Finder

Reno Continental Little League – closes 2/28! (I think)
Reno National Little League (RNLL also has a Challenger League for children with special needs) – closes 2/19!
Washoe Little League – closes 3/2 for upper division, 3/10 for lower
Reno American Little League – closes 1/23 for guaranteed spots!
Valley Providence Little League – assuming soon

Sparks Centennial Little League – closes 3/1
Sparks National Little League – not sure status of this league

Carson City / Gardnerville
Carson City Little League – check their FB for dates
Carson Valley Little League – closes 2/28 for upper division, 3/15 for lower

North Tahoe Little League – closes 3/31
South Tahoe Little League – check their page for date
Truckee Little League – check their page for date

Cal Ripken – Baseball

Cal Ripken is another option for folks who live in areas where Cal Ripken is offered. Local Cal Ripken Baseball leagues have been challenging to find online. We know they exist in some areas up in northern Reno and Sparks, but we are too unfamiliar with the organization to know where else to look up their information. If you know of some Cal Ripken leagues, please let us know and we can add them to our list.

Spanish Springs Cal Ripken Baseball – closes mid-February sometime
Silver State Cal Ripken Baseball – closes 2/27
Sun Valley Cal Ripken Baseball – closes 2/27

Boys and Girls Club

Junior Giants is a free, noncompetitive coed baseball program. The Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows is proud to be the Reno area sponsor. Divisions include T-ball (5 & 6 year olds), Minors (7-9 year olds), and Majors (10-13 year olds).

Junior Giants – not sure if they are active this season

Travel Ball – Baseball

Travel ball is another option for kids who want more time playing baseball or are not getting as much out of community baseball as they need or want. These teams are private organizations unaffiliated with any particular league. The teams play a more competitive level of baseball, as opposed to recreational baseball offered through Little League and Cal Ripken.

The competitive nature of travel ball is a fantastic opportunity for your kid to take their skills to the next level. Each team offers their own unique experience and approach to coaching baseball. Before investing in one team, ask around among other parents in your Little League to see what other folks involved in travel ball think about the various options. Feel free to ask my for a fair assessment of the various organizations for each age level. Also make sure to attend a local tournament and check out the teams for yourself. Attend a practice or two once you settle on a couple teams you’d like to check out. You know your kid, you know what coaching style and environment is most effective for their growth. You’ll be investing hundreds to thousands of dollars a year on a program, do your homework beforehand.

Check out this article on the 9 Things to Consider Before Joining a Youth Baseball Team and be mindful that travel ball is ran like a business rather than community baseball.

Divisions are organized strictly by age so kids compete against other kids their age (ex. 9U is for kids league age 9, 10U for kids league age 10, etc.) and 7 or 8 is generally the youngest, though some organizations will take younger. Seasons run August through July and your kid’s “league age” is whatever his actual age is on April 30th of the upcoming season.

Travel Ball Organizations

Most teams practice twice per week and have their own indoor facilities for year round practice. Tournaments are generally held once a month. Most tournaments are typically limited to the Reno, Sparks, and Carson City areas. During the winter months, many teams will travel to the Stockton, California area for weekend tournaments or even further for the more ambitious teams. Naturally, membership costs are associated with each team, generally between $50-135 per month depending on the team, with additional fees for tournaments, jerseys, and costs associated with travel for out of town tournaments. Many organizations offer private lessons (for a fee) in addition to or independent of travel ball membership.

** If I am missing a team, please let me know and I can add them.**

The Scorpions, Mustangs, and Muckdogs are the three “main” organizations in town with Northern Nevada Baseball Club right there with them at some levels. Not to say these four organizations are “better” – their players just come from all corners of the region, they have year round teams using their own facilities, they consistently put together a team (or more) for each age group, and they have been the most stable organizations over the last few years. Most other independent teams are built around a couple age groups or they don’t have a website to communicate otherwise. 

Scorpions Baseball AcademyFacebook
The Scorpions practice at Jack Tighe Park off of Moana Lane in Reno and have a large training facility near Rock/Glendale.

Reno MustangsFacebook
The Mustangs practice at the Terrace Little League Fields in northwest Reno up the street from McQueen High School. They have a facility near Patagonia.

Muckdogs Baseball ClubFacebook
The Muckdogs practice in Spanish Springs at Golden Eagle and have a facility on Glendale.

Northern Nevada Baseball ClubFacebook; The NN Aggies practice at Jack Tighe Park off of Moana Lane in Reno and have a facility behind the airport

The teams below have Facebook pages to contact the teams for more information. I have included a general area where the teams practice or pull from, but kids can generally play anywhere they are willing to drive to. 

Cap City BaseballFacebook (Carson City area)

Team Velocity – Facebook (Spanish Springs area)

South Reno Bulldogs – Facebook
Nevada Gunslingers – Facebook (South Reno area)
Reno Bombers – Facebook

Girls Softball

Softball is another option for girls in the Reno area. These programs strive to teach girls the fundamentals of softball in the same type of environment as youth baseball.

Carson City Girls Softball
The Carson City Girls Softball program serves girls age 3 to 18 in the Carson City area.

Carson Valley Fast Pitch
The Carson Valley Fast Pitch Softball program serves the Carson Valley, Minden, and Gardnerville areas.

North Valleys Babe Ruth Softball
North Valleys Babe Ruth Softball serves girls 8 to 18.

Washoe Little League Softball
Washoe Little League has started a softball program for girls 4 to 12 in the fall of 2021 to continue as a regular offering each year including this Spring. Here is one dad’s experience with WLL softball.

Travel Ball – Softball

*Please let me know the latest movements of travel softball. I know some teams changed affiliations recently. If you want your organization updated/added, let me know.*

Nevada Lightning Fast PitchFacebook
Founded in 1990, Nevada Lightning Girls fast pitch strives to provide an environment conducive to the positive athletic, academic and social development of young women.

Scorpions Fast PitchFacebook
The Scorpions have a large training facility near Rock/Glendale and are affiliated with the Scorpions Baseball Academy.

Northern Nevada TiltFacebook
Highly competitive youth softball Program to provide and promote girls opportunities beyond youth softball. They have a facility near the airport.

Reno Heat – Facebook – are they active?

Nevada Sharks FastpitchFacebook

Nevada Hotshots SoftballFacebook

The author is on the board of Washoe Little League, coaches his two sons, and has both sons playing for the Scorpions Baseball Academy travel ball team.

If you enjoyed this article, check out A Coach’s Promise To Your Kids and Help Me Coach Your Kids, both based on the author’s experience coaching community baseball. As always, thanks for your support.

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