Reno Dads Podcast Episode 31: Dr. Summer Holloway

After we published the article from Floss Dental Boutique, we thought it might be fun to invite Dr. Summer Holloway, the owner and founder, to join us in the podcast booth and chat all about teeth! Well, we covered a lot more ground than just teeth, of course, but that’s how it goes when you sit down with the Reno Dads for a podcast….

Meet Dr. Holloway

Dr. Holloway is a Reno native and said she’s known for a long time that she wanted to be a dentist. She founded her practice a few years ago in Old Southwest Reno and was able to find a building that needed some renovation in 2020 that now is the home of her dental boutique. Turns out that you can find some interesting things when you renovate a 100-year-old building, including old newspapers, ironworks from the original boiler, and an old leather shoe. Some of these items are actually on display in their office as a tribute to the history of the building and Reno.

Floss Dental Boutique

Floss Dental Boutique is a general dentistry practice, which means that patients of all ages are welcome. We chatted about the different stages of dentistry services for the youngest patients (as early as 1 year old) to the teenage years, adults, and older adults. The bottom line, according to Dr. Holloway, is that it’s never too late, or too early, to start building good habits for dental self-care. Parents have a particularly important role in modeling this behavior for their kids, and dads can always help by bringing their own fun ways to encourage their kids to keep their mouths healthy. Dr. Holloway also made a great point that keeping up with oral hygiene at home and making regular visits to the dentist for cleaning and exams is important to your health overall, as the mouth is a gateway to overall health.

And if you’re the type who hasn’t been to the dentist in a while, Dr. Holloway wants you to know that regardless of how long it’s been, that they’d gladly welcome you in to start back on a regular schedule. “No judgment; we’re just really glad you came in to take the first step!”

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