Review: Josef’s Vienna Bakery and Cafe

Reno is a unique place to live and, for the foodie, is becoming a more phenomenal place to call home each day. Mid-town has blown up in recent years with new, locally owned restaurants as has the area around the River. These places are popular, well-advertised, and supported by all of Reno.

Today, I want to bring your attention to a fantastic bakery and cafe outside of the hip and cool Midtown and River Districts: Josef’s Vienna Bakery and Cafe on Moana. Locally owned and operated since the 1980, this bakery and cafe is an incredible little shop that should make it to your list of local establishments. The kids will absolutely love the sweets selection, not that anyone would ever be surprised by that!

The cafe has a very European feel, a menu inspired by Josef’s childhood in Vienna, and imported ingredients. I can personally vouch for the authenticity of both the Nutella filled crepes and the macaroons – both a little piece of heaven here in Reno that had me reminiscing of many nights in Paris where the family and I would walk across town in the cold night just for the warm Nutella crepes and hot chocolate under the Eiffel Tower. Ah, Paris…

Anyways, back to reality. Josef’s is the real deal. A family owned, local shop that is very much a part of Reno’s food scene. The food is incredible, the environment is pleasant, and it is worth swinging by if only to grab some sweet treats!

– Author’s Note: I ate with the son of the owner while meeting for lunch to discuss college courses he is taking. While I can be bought with food, this review is authentic.

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