Review: The Illusionists Present Adam Trent

Not much is more magical to young kids than, well, magic. Throw in a live magic show with awesome lighting and wonderful music and the kids are in absolute heaven. Our family caught The Illusionists Present Adam Trent at the Eldorado Reno and walked away with memories our family will cherish forever. This show is magical for the kids and the whole family.

The Illusionists Present Adam Trent

If you haven’t heard of Adam Trent, he is part of The Illusionists, the best-selling magic show in Broadway history and has performed on shows like Ellen and the Today Show. His solo act is everything you’d expect of a big-name magic show.  Audience participation on stage (including children), humor, and great magic tricks highlighted his family-friendly act. Adam is completely entertaining and his ability to identify opportunities for jokes keep the show alive with laughter.

Adam also injected a very personal brand of magic into his act with stories of his youth magic shows and following his dreams. He spoke of his inspiration, the encouragement of his family, and the fleeting moments of time that need to be cherished, concepts we discuss at length in this community. If there is a show that is “Reno Dads Approved”, this show is certainly it.

A Magical Afternoon

The afternoon contained more magic than the acts on stage and it began the second we entered the theater. Adam’s team members were greeting guests as they entered and chatted our boys up about magic. Perhaps to fill up some seats up close to the stage or to identify unsuspecting volunteers, Adam’s team took the opportunity to move our family a bit closer to the action. Like Champagne Seating close (which at the Eldorado Theater, all seats are pretty close to the stage anyways). Simply a great way to start the evening and an even greater way to watch the show!

However, the most magical part of the afternoon involved our son, who turned eight the day before. Adam needed a young audience member for one of his tricks and invited my son  to join him onstage. Naturally, my son hesitated as he had absolutely no idea what Adam had in store for this next act. Despite the lights, the audience, and the camera in his face, my son put on his best performance. For his efforts, Adam provided him a Magic Tricks DVD to try his own hand at magic.

To top off the afternoon, we were able to meet Adam briefly and speak with his team members. The team members, who make the show happen, gravitated to the boys and continued the magic by providing them with a special deck of magic playing cards.


If you can’t tell by now, we had an incredible time. Magical, if you’ll allow. The Illusionists Present Adam Trent is a great experience for a long-lasting family memory. The show certainly entertained our whole family. Adam and his team took great care to engage their audience and ensure the magic happened from the second guests arrived until they left the theater.

The Illusionists Present Adam Trent is at the Eldorado Reno until October 22nd. Buy tickets online if you are looking for a great family experience.

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FULL DISCLOSURE: Eldorado Reno provided my family General Admission tickets so we could experience this show. The thoughts expressed in this review are 100% my own. My family genuinely had an incredible time thanks to the Eldorado. Our seat “upgrades”, my son’s participation on stage, and the treatment of my family by Adam and his team were authentic to them as they were not aware that we were guests of the Eldorado. 

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