Go See The Unbelievables at the Eldorado

The Unbelievables Christmas Extravaganza is an awesome show for adults and kids alike. The show headlines Sara and her dog Hero from America’s Got Talent so it was hard for me not to draw comparisons with other tv shows, movies and broadway shows. The host was a comedic Ryan Seacrest-type with a touch of Joel Grey from Cabaret. He opens the show by bringing two kids on stage and wowing us all with an elaborate joke/trick and then we’re off and running.

The Show

Act one is a female trapeze artist performing tricks above the stage without a net. Act two brings forth a gentleman with incredible  balance. Act three (my personal favorite) is a German magician whose slight of hand is stunning. I asked my daughter “how’d he do that!?” to which she responded “it was in his hand the whole time!” I’m sure it was, but if it was, I never saw the tiniest glimpse. Guess my daughter has better eyesight.

Act four was either an incredible juggler or the overly-bendy girl of nightmares that I’m trying to block from my memory. Act six is Sara and her dog performing tricks that make you go home and attempt them with your own dog just to be disappointed. Or, if you’re 3, you expect the dog’s dance move to be more advanced and argue all the way back to the car that the dog didn’t dance.

Between each act, a male singer on guitar and his female counterpart grace the stage a la American Idol. Combine this live Christmas music with 4 powerful ballroom dancers, probably from Dancing with the Stars, and you don’t realize the stage subtlely changing for the next performer.

All of the performers post show. No video or photos were allowed during the show.

The Eldorado website’s more refined description reads:
“From the internationally-acclaimed producers of “The Illusionists,” “Circus 1903” and “Cirque Le Noir” comes an entertainment blockbuster set to dazzle The Eldorado Theatre November 21 through December 31. Featuring “America’s Got Talent” finalist Sara and her dog Hero and many other great acts from around the globe, The Unbelievables Christmas Extravaganza has it all – jaw-dropping magic, breathtaking circus acts, the world’s most spectacular ballroom dancers and the most angelic voices singing your favorite Christmas carols. Be transported to the golden age of entertainment by the mind-blowing talents, stunning costumes, comedy and so much more.

The Unbelievables will perform in the round in the renovated Eldorado Theatre with VIP seating and is a family-friendly spectacle for all. Tickets start at $29.95 with child and senior pricing available. Shows are nightly Tuesday through Sunday with additional matinees on Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy half-off an entrée at any Eldorado restaurant with the purchase of a full-price ticket.”

Bottom Line

Go see it! The adults enjoyed it and I know the kids did as well because they sat still for almost two hours. My 4 year old daughter can’t sit still in a movie theatre for any movie. And just like many Disney and Pixar movies, there are jokes only the adults get but silly enough to get a chuckle out of the kids.  Get your tickets here.

Note: The Eldorado graciously provided my family with tickets to enjoy this show. My opinions are my own; and I thought the show was wonderful. Go see it before the end of the month.


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