Reno Dads Podcast Episode 1: Hair We Are! #dadjoke

Hair We Are! #dadjoke

This inaugural episode of the Reno Dads Podcast got a little hairy #dadjoke. Jonathan, Mike, and David took to the Reno Collective podcast studio to produce this Reno Dads episode and the first theme happened to be all about hair. Yes, that is right…hair!

Origin Story
Being the inaugural podcast for Reno Dads, the team started off with personal introductions and a story about how the Reno Dads went from concept to a brand that has now developed into the creators of content and events.

Rite of Passage
After the brief introductions, our first topic centered around Jonathan’s experience taking his teenage son to a bona-fide barber at Derby Supply Company for a “man’s haircut.” While a trip to the barber might seem rather straight forward, the Reno Dads dug into the deeper concept and discussed themes of tradition, rites of passage, and the basic social skills a child has the opportunity to develop at the barbershop.

Hair Clinic
The Reno Dads then covered a topic that many dads with daughters know so well… how to style girls’ hair. A month or so back, the Reno Dads sponsored a father daughter hair styling clinic with Paul Mitchell School Reno. Mike gave us an overview of the event, some surprising lessons learned about styling your daughter’s hair, and a tease at a follow-up to this successful event.

In closing, look forward to our next episode. You can listen in on 97.7 KWNK or here at Reno Dads.

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