Cirque Paris at the Eldorado Reno

There’s a new Cirque show in town at the Eldorado – Cirque Paris! If you’ve never experienced a “Cirque-style” show before, think theater and acrobatics combined. There are some very very talented performers that display not only their artistic side, but extremely athletic side. Your eyes will bug out, cartoon-style, at some of the stunts this cast is able to execute. What makes it even more fun, is that there’s not a bad seat in the house. The main stage in the Eldorado Showroom is intimate and up close – enough for the floor seats to touch while sitting in their chairs. We sat about midway back in the theater, and the action still felt like we could reach out and touch it.

Cirque Paris Reno

What is Cirque Paris like?

As you wait for the show to begin, the vibe is already in full swing. There’s a very swingy, cabaret feel to the music and the atmosphere, which sets the mood incredibly well. You can tell you’re in for a good time the moment you walk in. At the center of the room, where the stage should be, is a rowdy circular bar where show attendees are standing and sipping their drinks. Positioned on the stairs and wandering through the audience are cast members dancing and mingling and generally setting the atmosphere of fun. As the show begins, the lights and chandelier are lowered into the bar to create the main stage; very cool idea/use of space.

The show is hosted by Darren “Dizzy” Partridge, who is a really gifted entertainer. What’s brilliant, is his ability transcends spoken languages. In fact, much of his dialogue is composed of basic words and gestures. And he SLAYS! He’s hilarious. If he doesn’t get you laughing at some point during the show, you have no soul. Partridge does a wonderful job of keeping the flow of the show moving (while the stage and performers are getting prepared), while really engaging the audience. He performs everything from slapstick-style comedy to some very impressive magic/illusion. I’d say he steals the show at times.

The show is an hour and fifteen minutes of back to back to back performances (each about 5-10 minutes each). As I alluded to earlier, the entire cast is incredibly gifted. I won’t detail each act (no spoilers), but you can expect to see a lot of acrobatics with a heavy dose of theatrics and art. I think that’s what makes this show so enjoyable – the pairing of athleticism and artistry. The use of lighting and music should be equally applauded for the overall experience.

Family friendly?

We brought our two sons to this show – ages 4 and 8. They were mesmerized, entertained, and LOVING IT. There was no struggle to understand what was happening, and no interpretation needed (other than questions like, “how’d they do that?!”). It’s pure entertainment for all ages. YES – it’s a great experience for families to share together.

Some parents could be concerned about some romantic themes. We weren’t. Yes, these performers are all chiseled and beautiful. The men proudly display their rock-hard abs and hairless chests. Some of the women’s costumes show a little bit of butt cheek. At its most revealing, it’s truly nothing more than you’d see at a day at the beach. At times during the show, the performers embrace, face to face. There’s a natural sexiness to the theatrics. But, your kids will neither pick up on that nor will they care. My kids didn’t ask me any questions about the costumes, nor did they become deviants afterward. If that sort of thing isn’t something you want for your kids, make this a date night instead.

My kids were filled with joy and wonderment during the show, and I’m really glad they got to experience it.

Cirque Paris show details

Monday-Tuesday – Dark
Wednesday – Thursday – 7pm
Friday – 8:30pm
Saturday – 5pm & 8:30pm
Sunday – 2pm & 5pm

Performance schedule subject to change.

TICKET PRICES (tickets can be purchased on Eldorado’s website)

(Limited) – $29.95
Friday & Saturday $39.95

Friday & Saturday $49.95

Friday & Saturday $59.95

Champagne Seating includes a glass of Eldorado Private Label Champagne (or sparkling cider). Champagne seat assignment is first come first serve; Maître’ D style seating.

Children Prices; Ages 5 – 12
$19.95 valid on Standard or VIP seating

Senior Prices; 60+
$29.95 valid on Standard or VIP seating

Note: I experienceD Cirque Paris courtesy of the Eldorado, but the thoughts expressed in this article are 100% my own. It was an amazing show and I’d go back again in a heartbeat.

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