Nanagrams Book: Names for Grandmothers-to-be

Grandmother. Grandma. MeeMaw. Baba. Apparently “Granny” just isn’t a good fit for all grandmothers. I don’t blame them – sometimes a grandmother doesn’t feel like she is a Nana or a GranGran and all the connotations that are associated with some of these monikers. And these nicknames stick with them their whole lives. But, there are options and a new book, by Reno author Paula Brock, offers up more than 300 alternative names for “Grandma.”

This book is more than a simple listing of names. The rich list of Grandma names is accompanied by a very sweet story about the revelation that one is becoming a grandmother. In my opinion, it’s a great idea for a gift to a new grandmother, or even as a way to announce a pregnancy to your mother (the baby’s grandmother). But, it’s also a fun read for any grandparent.

The book (only $14.99) can be purchased on the Nanagram website.

grandmother names book

Take a look at some of the reviews so far:

Teary–eyed I watched as my mom realized I was announcing my pregnancy.
– Chelsea

I was looking for something to celebrate my best friend’s first grandchild and this was perfect! We read it together, laughed and cried, and found the perfect name. It was a heart-warming experience and opened so many “naming” options for such an important and incredible relationship. This was a perfect gift.
– Jeanne

This book brought to mind I have the opportunity to choose my name and personalize my new role.
– Beth

Nanagram is a delightful book full of the most beautiful illustrations. Whether you’re a grandmother-to-be who wants to come up with an endearing nickname your grandchildren will call you for years to come, or a mom-to-be who wants to share her pregnancy news in a fun and unique way, grab a copy of Nanagram.
– Dana Kilroy, author of “The Essential C-Section Guide,” and “Unbuttoned.”

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