The Family that Runs Together, has Fun Together

I love the opportunity to take part in wholesome family activities that don’t involve a screen. That’s why, even though I don’t consider myself a runner, I jump at the chance to do “fun runs.” Many of them come in the form of a 5k, which is just over 3 miles. I hesitated, for a while, to include the kids in these fun runs – I thought 3 miles would be too difficult for them. I was really wrong! The kids not only finish these runs (rather easily), they really enjoy them. I don’t think it was the competition of the event that gets them going. I think they loved being a part of a community event and doing something active together as a family. These are the experiences that stick in the memory. These are the experiences that are worthwhile.

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Reno Running Fest

I was excited to see a cool opportunity for families in downtown Reno this September (Sept 8 & 9) – Reno Running Fest. What’s unique is that there’s really a run to be had that fits every person. At minimum, you and your family can run the first-ever Reno Mile. It’s pretty quick and easy, and something runners (or walkers) of all ages can handle. This race is part of the national movement to Bring Back the Mile – inspiring Americans to make the mile part of their fitness program. They have timed age group heats, or just a one-mile fun run that is untimed and is for the entire family. The kids even get a commemorative coin at the end of the race.

The Reno Running Fest features a number of other races in addition to the Reno Mile. There’s a 50-yard dash (Reno’s Main Drag Dash) for kids 11 and under, a one-mile run with dogs, and a 10-mile that can be run as a relay – something you can do with the whole family. And local’s will be familiar with the Journal Jog – this year it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary!

I encourage you to check it out and add it to your family programming in September. You can get all the details about timing, pricing, place, etc on the Reno Running Fest website.

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