Reno Dads Podcast Episode 8: Grant Denton

Local Dad on a Mission to Help Recovering Addicts and the Homeless

In this episode, the Reno Dads podcast sits down with Grant Denton, a local dad who has been helping women in addiction recovery with exercise and a Karma Box program to provide a place for homeless people to pick up basic necessities around the community.

Rise & Grind is a 12-week “boot-camp” style fitness class that meets twice each week, and has up to 10 participants each session. The goal is to teach resilience and help create new habits for the recovering addicts in the program. Grant came up with the idea based on his own recovery journey — his story is compelling and well worth a listen, we think you’ll agree.

Karma Box is a “little library” for basic necessities that homeless people need on a regular basis. The material, labor, decorating, and placement of the boxes is all volunteer-provided or donated, and anyone can “put what they can” or “take what they need” from the boxes.

Have a listen to this episode and let us know what you think. Have you seen the Karma Boxes in the community? What did you think about them? Would you like to know more? Check out the links below, and make sure you “like” Grant’s pages to keep informed on any updates.

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Show Highlights

  • Team Introductions: Jonathan Salkoff
  • Conversation with Grant Denton about his programs, Rise & Grind, and Karma Box

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