Date Night Ideas – A Reno Dads Guide

Coming up with date night ideas always seems to fall to the ladies and the guys are stuck painting boards or sipping wine or a more traditional dinner and a movie event. Nothing against those things, they are fun and all, but sometimes we need just need to spice things up a bit. So, here I am to the rescue! Men, send your bride this list and thank me later!

Escape Room Date Night

Do you like being handcuffed to your wife in a dark room? Escape Rooms are for you! Escape Rooms are my go-to for date night fun. As I have written previously, I cannot get enough puzzle room action. Reno is blessed with some solid puzzle room companies each providing a unique experience. My only recommendation is to make it a double date.

Here is a list of Escape Rooms in the area.

Shooting Range Date Night

Sometimes a couple just needs to pump some lead into a bunch of hostile paper targets downrange. If that is your thing, taking your wife to the shooting range is a great opportunity to work on basic weapon safety and develop hers and your comfort level handling weapons in a safe environment. Most places allow you to rent shooting equipment and protective gear and buy ammo and targets. I am not sure if House of Arrows or Wasting Arrows have date night opportunities, but call and ask!

Whiskey Tasting Date Night

Does your idea of date night include you and the wife getting all liquored up without sipping a boring martini? Good old fashioned whiskey tasting is what you need!

Rock Climbing Date Night

If getting physical and exerting energy is your style of date night, then check out some of the amazing rock climbing opportunities we have in the area.

Athletic Event Date Night

You can always attend a game at one of Reno’s many sporting events from the Reno Aces to Wolf Pack Athletics. Perhaps sweating bodies wrestling and rolling around is of interest, like a jiu jitsu competition, is more your thing? Sometimes a couple just needs to sit back, grab a beer, and let others do all the hard work!

Trivia Night Date Night

See if your spouse really “knows everything” as they claim they do, at a classic Trivia Night! Shea’s and Ceol offer a traditional Irish Pub/Tavern Trivia Night and the others listed offer DJ Trivia, a branded trivia system used throughout the area and nation.

Classic Irish Pub Trivia Night

Shea’s Tavern Sundays 8pm
Ceol Irish Pub Thursdays 8pm

Trivia Night at a Brewery/Bar (No Food)

Trivia Night with Food

We are active dads in the Reno area and we love to highlight great venues and activities in our community and share them with you. We will continue to hunt down places new and old to tell you about! As always, thanks for your support.

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