Reno Dads Podcast Episode 14: Intentional Parenting with Jake Wiskerchen

In this episode, the Reno Dads podcast sat down with our own Jake Wiskerchen to talk about developing a consistent parenting philosophy and how it can help when parenting happens in multiple households or with various caregivers who don’t necessarily live in the same household.

Jake is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT) and founder of Zephyr Wellness here in Reno. He’s also the host of his own podcast, Noggin Notes Podcast. This episode’s conversation centered on what it means to parent with intention, and how that can lead to developing a parenting philosophy that can help parents navigate almost any scenario. In particular, Jake suggests that using the 4C’s of parenting can provide a useful framework for how to set clear expectations and create clear consequences for action (or inaction).

We also discussed an interesting take on how parents (and children) can prioritize their activities: the three jobs of parents and children. For parents, the priorities he recommends are Values, Education, and Safety. For kids, the priorities he recommends are: School, Chores, and Fun.

On the Reno Dads podcast, in addition to providing a spotlight for awesome dads in the northern Nevada area, we’re also trying to open up a dialogue about parenting that might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, but will (hopefully) lead to a deeper, more meaningful parenting experience for those men who are willing to talk about it. Developing a parenting philosophy requires setting one’s intention and then acting on that vision with purpose. Our wide-ranging discussion covers these topics and more: admitting one’s vulnerabilities (or weaknesses), and how the pursuit of happiness is ongoing and yet ever-present. We hope you’ll reach out and tell us what you think about this episode!

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