The Illusionists Experience

So, you’d like to know what The Illusionists Experience at the Eldorado is like? Well, writers across time have attempted to put words to events – sometimes imaginary (fiction, entertainment), sometimes real (non-fiction, news) – in an endeavor to communicate amazing experiences to their readers.

Being that I cannot write a worthy novel about this performance, I simply will not even attempt to capture it. To do so would not only require far more column inches than I am allotted, it would also potentially spoil the chance you would have to enjoy it for yourself.

The Illusionists Experience is not something to be described in an article anyway because it simply cannot be; as the title suggests, it must be experienced. And that experience defies description. Yet here I am, writing about it, hoping that you will also be inspired to buy a ticket and head downtown.

The first thing you must know is that the show is completely kid-friendly. With the exception of one or two spots that might seem a bit “scary,” the theme is one of intrigue rather than startling. One specific bit actually involves children from the audience and it is absolutely adorable. So much so that some audience members even had a moist eye or two…or so I hear (cough, cough).

Eldorado overhauled the showroom with a magnificent turn-of-the-20th-century theme reminiscent of the magicians of yesteryear. Hosts, waitstaff, and stage assistants are all clad in period attire befitting the era and the environment invites the imagination to expand and drift as the Illusionists, who after six years of wandering the country, finally have a home in Reno.

As for the magic itself, sleight-of-hand is a staple, but the mentalism of Illusionist Chris Cox is truly spellbinding. Random people whom Chris has never met volunteer to participate in this bit and he proceeds to share specific details of their lives with the audience. Onlookers find themselves agape in disbelief and fascination wondering how – just how could he know these things? Meanwhile, the participant volunteers express their appreciation with joyful tears and applause, both of which seem insufficient to reflect the true depth of the performance.

Additionally, the Illusionists are funny. Really funny. The five performers’ interplay clearly indicates that they possess a camaraderie and respect built over many years of working with closely with one another. But beyond the humor and amusement is a gentle authenticity that welcomes the audience members to their world – the world of magic.

Before and after the show the audience is given an opportunity for interaction and conversation with Chris, David, Krendl, Valentin, and Hyun Joon Kim as they chat selflessly with whomever wishes to do so. They are all true gentlemen who respect their craft and advocate openly for it to be promoted across all generations and geography.

I wish this article – or any words at all – could do justice to the truly superlative performance that the nearly two-hour Illusionists Experience provides. But if it did, you would have no reason to go. And you should definitely go.

Note: The Eldorado provided me with the opportunity to experience this show so that I could share it with you all. But, all of the opinions expressed in this article are mine. I seriously loved this show!

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