Reno Dads Podcast Episode 21: Traveling with Kids

In this episode, Jake Wiskerchen and David Bradfield recap some of their advice in how to travel with kids, inspired by Jake’s latest article, Tips for Traveling with Kids. And from the archive, David’s article with travel tips from a former CIA officer. Shout out and special mention of the “Mile-High Blowout” article from Scott, as well!

As you might imagine, our conversation hardly stayed on just travel tips, since, well, it’s us. Road trips, teenage drivers, airport bans, and a whole host of other topics come up in our podcast. We hope you’ll have a listen and send us some feedback. Also, don’t forget to leave us a rating in the iTunes Podcast store!

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  1. juliewiskJW says:

    I enjoyed this episode tremendously! Great job—all 3 of you.😉

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