Stuff to Do While You’re Socially Distancing

If you’re like most families right now, you’re at home with your kids all day every day, and have probably even run out of things to do. Can we plop the kids in front of their iPads for hours on end? Sure, but that’s kind of pathetic, isn’t it? We can do better. The blessing here is that with kids being out of school and without extracurriculars, we’re responsible for creating the programming. And that’s not easy. Maybe you’ve even come to this article in desperation to find an idea for something you can do with your time.

We often look at our website analytics to figure out what articles you’re the most interested in. And based on what we’re seeing over the past month or so, it has become clear that you’re looking for activities and projects. Well, I’ve rolled up the articles that you’ve been searching for on our site the most in the past month so you have it all in the same place. I hope you enjoy!

Projects and Dad Skills


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