Elite Sports Jiu-Jitsu Gi

Right before COVID-19 struck, Elite Sports and I were talking about their Gi products and they sent me a jiu-jitsu Gi to try out and share my thoughts on. Naturally, as the Gi arrived, everyone went on lock down! So, like so many folks, I am on a jiu-jitsu hiatus thanks to this virus, but I still took the opportunity to throw on the Gi and test it out with my kids on our mats here at home.

Now, I’ve seen a few guys using Elite Sports Gis around town and was happy to get one of my own. Gis are sort of a collector’s items for many jiu-jitsu practitioners, especially around the independent and unaffiliated gyms. I’ve seen Gis from gyms all across the country and I have a few premium GIs with awesome designs and features.

But most importantly, having multiple spare Gis allows us to roll more frequently, always have a fresh and clean Gi on hand. Plus, we are rough on our Gis so having a closet full of Gis is essential. The Elite Sports Gi fits these needs perfectly and at an affordable price.

So what makes this Elite Sports Gi different?

While the appeal of the Elite Sports Gi is certainly the price point, the Gi itself is comfortable and fits properly. I haven’t rolled enough to break the Gi in from the new product stiffness and haven’t put it through the rigors of jiu-jitsu session, but seeing these around the gym tells me they are comfortable enough to be worn when folks have plenty of other choices.

The Gi doesn’t have the bells and whistles of my premium Gis, like special designs, gym/brand affiliations or internal rash guard lining, but that isn’t the point. The point is having an affordable, quality Gi to add to the collection to allow yourself the ability to always be on the mats – which is all that matters!

Go-To Gi

Despite only having it for a few weeks and unable to hit the gym, I expect this Gi to feature heavily in my rotation of Gis when I am able to get back to the mats. The Gi material doesn’t appear any different than anything else you can buy, and the function and fit certainly meet the standards, but again, the price really puts this one out there as something worth trying out.

Other than this review of a Gi sent to me at no cost, I don’t have a relationship with Elite Sports. I don’t know much about the company or where their products are made. But this product is solid, practical, and meets the requirements I need to perform on the mats. Which is more than I can say for many of the random things I buy, so check them out!

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