Childcare During Quarantine

I have been in the childcare field ever since I was old enough to pick up a bottle and a baby. Over the years, I have seen all different kinds of childcare environments including daycares, ABA therapy services, facilities, and in-home care. I can confidently say that having a nanny is one of the most amazing childcare options there is. Not only do your children have a one-on-one teacher that truly knows them for who they are, but also provides care in the comfort of your own home. Especially with first-time parents, there is always that fear of what care your kiddos will be in, since it’s not your care or a close family member’s care. With a nanny, you are able to find the perfect fit for you and most importantly know exactly who is with your child shaping their morals and values and helping them to grow into the most amazing humans possible.

Trying to quarantine with kids can definitely come with some challenges along the way. Whether it is becoming your child’s new teacher for the rest of the semester, trying to run errands, or working from home. Many childcare facilities have closed due to COVID-19 and many families are choosing to take their children out of childcare as a precaution because having your children with many others in a facility isn’t the most ideal version of social distancing.

Finding a helping hand can definitely be challenging for families during this time. If you are looking for someone to help with keeping a routine and check off your long to-do list, a nanny may be a great family addition.

Nannies can help your ship sail smoothly during these uncertain times. They can assist with running errands, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and children’s daily activities just to name a few. With online school becoming the new normal, your nanny can help your child navigate through their online teaching lessons and take on the “teacher” role. Nannies can also bring activities based around their lessons learning theme to give them a hands-on teaching experience. Whether you work from home or are an essential worker out in the field, you can leave your kids
in the trusted care of your nanny. There are nannies for on-call care, part-time care as well as full-time and live-in care. Your schedule can be customizable to match up with your day to day needs.

When hiring a nanny or a nanny service, you want to be sure you are only getting the best for your family and the highest quality of care possible. A few qualifications your nanny should obtain include:

  • CPR/ First aid certification
  • SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) Certification if working with an infant
  • Clean Background check
  • Experience in the Childcare field
  • Valid Drivers License
  • Up to date Car Insurance
  • And any other certifications that relate to your families specific needs

Since this individual is going to be giving care in the comfort of your home, it is most ideal if you have precautions set in place to maintain a clean and sanitary environment. Your nanny should disinfect items in your home including doorknobs, remotes, toys etc. Before they start their shift it is best if they remove their shoes before entering and wash their hands immediately. They may also bring a clean change of clothing to change into to limit any exposure. Many families have chosen to set up a station outside their front door with hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and anything else they may feel is necessary.

Having a nanny is one of the most personalized childcare options there is. Not only do you know exactly who is caring for your children but you also get to build a personal relationship with this person. A nanny can learn your morals, values, and beliefs and carry that over into the what they teach your children on a day-to-day basis.

Keeping a journal in your home that has a written out schedule as well as any allergies, behavior protocols, housekeeping chores, and other important information is a great way to keep consistency on both ends. The journal is also a great tool for your nanny to write details of what happened throughout the day such as a potty log, food log, nap log, and daily activities that occurred.

If you are in the search for childcare, a nanny is a great alternative to daycares and childcare facilities during this uncertain time. Your children get to stay home while continuing to social distance, and you won’t be alone in managing your to-do list on a daily basis. Knowing your nanny and having them shape and mold into the perfect fit for your family is what it’s all about!

This article was contributed by Carson Jewel Wagner, Owner/Founder of Lifetime of Love Nannies
Lifetime of Love Nannies is a 24/7 nanny service that allows you to customize your schedule and guarantees you care anytime you may need it. Our nannies are taking all of the listed precautions above. All nannies are CPR certified, SIDS certified, undergo background checks, clean driving records, and have experience in the childcare field. Whether you need full-time, part-time, or occasional care, we are here for you! With a great team of passionate and experienced nannies, you are certain to find a perfect addition to your family.

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