What Do I Want for Father’s Day?

Every Father’s Day, we’re bombarded with advertisements that tell us what to get dad for a gift. And let’s be honest, some of it is really cool stuff! But, we asked actual dads what they want for Father’s Day this year. This isn’t a sponsored post. We’re not endorsing any products. This is what real dads want for Father’s Day.

I’d love to actually sleep in but that’s not going to happen. Simply put, I just want some time with my kids. They are the reason I am celebrated on this day.

– Willy (real dad)

A weed whacker, homemade green chili casserole, homemade peach cobbler a tall glass of whiskey, and some good time with my family– all of which I will be getting.

– Josh (real dad)

More time. This Father’s Day, I’d like to spend some undistracted time with my family. No projects, no work, just some good food and uninterrupted time together.

– Danny (real dad)

I want to sleep in a little, with a quiet house (I ask for this every year). But then I want to spend the day with my wife and kids – hiking up in the mountains and searching for a few geocaches. I want to create more memories. I realize more and more each Father’s Day that memories with my family are fleeting (my wife, my kids, my siblings, and my own dad). So, I just want more memories to tuck away and revisit. A nice bourbon on the rocks wouldn’t offend me, either.

– Mike (real dad)

Quality time with two busy teenagers is always at a premium. Getting outdoors with them on a hike or on the tennis court is all I want. Away from phones and screens and all the distractions and craziness 2020 is sending our way.

– Jonathan (real dad)

I’d love some quality time with my wife and kids. And I’d like them to take a moment to recognize how hard it is being a good dad. Wouldn’t mind some good beer or whisky. And sex, of course.

– Daniel (real dad)

I just want to see my kids play baseball again.

– David (real dad)

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