Review: UFC Gym Reno is Open For Business

I’m going to skip the preaching about Nevada’s obesity problem and Nevada’s childhood obesity epidemic and cut straight to the point. The UFC Gym Reno is now open for business. That is right, a UFC Gym. In Reno. Think jiujitsu, boxing conditioning, kickboxing conditioning, traditional weights, functional fitness, punching bags, and exercise equipment in a completely rad environment. The best part is that it is for adults and kids…at the same time!

Before we get into the rest of the article, here is what I am talking about. Any weekday after school, Monday for example, my two kids are in jiujitsu while my wife and I partake in a boxing conditioning class. One hour max and at the same time. It is that simple. And that fun. Sounds interesting? Keep reading!

Reno has no shortage of phenomenal outdoors activities. Reno also has no shortage of great gyms and active indoor environments (rock climbing, trampolines, etc). Anyone who follows our instagram account (hint, hint) knows the Reno Dads team is a super active group. We are out hiking, playing sports with our kids, in martial arts, and bike riding. Our kids are also active so finding a gym that allows the whole family an opportunity to exercise at the same time without driving all over town is damn near impossible. Until now.

UFC Gym Reno

Enter the UFC Gym Reno. The ability to take a workout class while my kids are in jiujitsu or a functional fitness class (think Cross Fit) is the number one reason I signed up my entire family for this gym. The health benefits and world class gym coaches are great, but at the end of the day I am a normal dad working with my wife to juggle countless activities in our busy lives. The ability to keep my kids active while working out with my wife has made my life immeasurably better.

The other big selling point for UFC Gym Reno is that it has something for everyone. If you are into a traditional gym environment, they have everything you’d expect to see in a traditional gym. There is cardio equipment and weights and expert coaches to assist you in personalizing your workout. The gym also has what you’d expect in a Cross Fit style gym focused on functional fitness, as well. They have ropes, tires, boxes, and weighted balls complete with coaches for the Daily Ultimate Training class. And last but not least, they have all the essentials for martial arts to include an Octagon and dozens of punching bags complete with boxing skills instruction and jiujitsu for all levels.

UFC Gym Reno Classes

The most important factor for my family is the classes. The kids have the opportunity to learn jiujitsu, wrestling, and boxing (non-contact, just skills). If your kid isn’t into the sports, check out the Youth Daily Ultimate Training class where functional fitness is put to the test. Nothing is more adorable than seeing kids roll tires, jump boxes, climb stairs, and complete circuits. Yes, a dad is writing this! Oh, and before I forget, the activities are for girls and boys alike! Everyone should know how to defend themselves and this is a safe environment to build that confidence.

And at the same time, adult conditioning classes are going on like boxing, kickboxing, and an adult Daily Ultimate Training. Or go hit the weights, treadmills, bikes, or rowing machines to do your own thing. Either way, engaging the family in a healthy activity instead of developing negative behaviors is the goal! It is much better than sitting on a bench just watching your kids.

Overall Impression

If you can’t tell, I am a fan of UFC Gym Reno. The gym meets the requirements of my demanding schedule and busy family. The coaches are amazing, the owners are fantastic, and the environment is welcoming. I truly appreciate the ability workout with my family. Most importantly, and a topic for another article, is that my kids are in a physical activity that will teach them something valued highly in our house – the confidence and the ability to defend ourselves and others who are unable to defend themselves.

Check out UFC Gym Reno today and please let them know Reno Dads sent you!

Phone: 775-285-9340
Hours: 5am – 9pm
Address: 4875 Kietzke Lane, Unit D, Reno, NV 89509

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FULL DISCLOSURE: This article is not the product of a sponsorship or an official relationship with UFC Gym Reno and Reno Dads. I am just a fan of the gym and the ability to maximize my family’s time and health. The thoughts expressed in this review are 100% my own and I am a paying member at UFC Gym Reno.




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