Review: Create – Bottle Cap Opener

Some dads don’t feel comfortable being “crafty.” It conjures up images of puffy paint, construction paper, glitter, and yarn. But, creation and crafting don’t have to be outside of the comfort zone. In fact, my fellow Reno Dads founder (David) and I jumped at the opportunity to check out Create and build a beer bottle cap opener (the workshop is affectionately referred to as “Drop Your Top”).

Create is in an inconspicuous and cozy location near Plumb and Virginia. Inside, the walls are adorned with creations of all kinds – many of which have been made of recycled/up-cycled materials. It’s pretty amazing what can be made.

For this workshop, all of the materials we would need were laid out before us. The instruction was straight-forward, and co-owners Tracy and Jim may be among the nicest people you’ll meet. They’re a lot of fun, too – and really they’re the X-factor in the experience we had.

This isn’t a paint-by-numbers kind of workshop. You’re encouraged to do whatever feels right. So, the end product isn’t a carbon copy of your neighbor, it’s uniquely you.

There is a wide variety of classes offered. Some, like this one, are a bit more suited for dads, and there and some that are well-suited for families or a date night. Take a look at their schedule to see what’s a good fit for you.


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