NEW: Party Rooms at Circus Circus

If you read my previous article about the new Circus Circus, you know that they’ve recently completed a string of renovations that brought a slew of great new family-friendly additions. One of its newest additions are the two party rooms. Now, as appealing as it is to invite a couple dozen sugar-crazed kids to destroy your house in honor of your kids birthday, you have another alternative in Reno now.

Party Room Details

You’re here to find out what these party rooms are all about, so I’ll cut to the chase. Located at the rear of the arcade (near the food court and the famous Midway), there are two party rooms available. The Tetris Room can hold 8-16 guests and the Pac-Man Room can hold 12-24 guests (aren’t the room names rad?).

Tetris room – 8-16 guests
Pac-Man Room (after we partied hard) – 12-24 guests

The pricing is super reasonable, too – starting at just $90. The price goes up depending on how many guests you plan on having and how much food you need. Their Midway Package is $230 for 24 people (less than $10 per guest is a sweet deal – and it includes a LOT of stuff).

What do you get? 

  • 2 hours in the party room (you can buy additional hours, if you need them)
  • Party host (and they’re REALLY attentive and polite – I was impressed)
  • Birthday cake service (candles, utensils, plates and napkins). You provide the cake – or specialty cakes are available through Eldorado Cake Company if you don’t want to worry about that.
  • Balloons
  • Goodie bags for the whole party
  • Happy Birthday signage
  • Pizza (# of pizzas depends on # of guests you want to feed)
  • Unlimited pitchers of soft drinks
  • Ice cream cups

Add Ons

You can always power-up your party with some add ons such as face painting, balloon animals, or my favorite – arcade play! Arcades are run by swipe-cards now (think credit card instead of pocket full of quarters) – you can give each guest a card that has unlimited arcade play for an hour, as well as a balance to spend on ticket-dispensing games. We dads had a ton of fun with unlimited game play, as well (take it from the reigning Mario Kart champion).

Book the Party Rooms

If you want more information or want to book the rooms for your next party, check out the Circus Circus page and you’ll be all set. Overall, I was throughly impressed by how attentive the staff was, how much fun all the kids had, and what a relief it is to spare yourself the setup and the cleanup of a birthday party.

Note: Circus Circus allowed us to check out the party rooms and party package so we could actually speak to the experience with some authority. The thoughts and opinions expressed in this article are my own.

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