Reno Dads Podcast Episode 13: The Remarkable Golden

In this episode, the Reno Dads podcast hosted Veronica and Bryan Peterson, and their sweet dog, Judge, also known as The Remarkable Golden. We learned about their amazing project to meet people here in Reno (and soon across the U.S.) to discover what is remarkable about them.

Veronica and Bryan (and Judge) have been on a mission for the past few years. Starting with their first visit to the Eddy here in Reno about a year ago, they’ve been documenting and sharing people’s remarkable stories over social media. If you haven’t been following them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, now’s your chance! They’ve recently made the decision to take Judge on a road trip around the United States to meet as many people as possible and share this project that asks people a really simple question: “What makes you remarkable?” The answers will surprise and delight you! If you’re here in the Reno area, Veronica, Bryan, and Judge will be having a launch party for their U.S. Tour on April 7, 2019. Check out the info here.

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