Reno Dads Podcast Episode 18: REMSA’s Adam Heinz

In this episode, the Reno Dads podcast chatted with Adam Heinz, the Director of Clinical Communications for REMSA. Adam is also the proud dad of two young children, and we were lucky to catch him in the studio on his son’s 2nd birthday!

REMSA is an important part of the public health system here in the Northern Nevada area. In addition to providing ambulance services to the region, REMSA also operates Care Flight to provide critical transportation services in the region for medical care. There are a number of additional services that REMSA provides, including search & rescue support, education, as well as outreach and integrative health services.

Another program that we were interested to learn about is what’s offered for educational services in Washoe County — in the schools and in the community, REMSA provides first aid and CPR instruction, amongst other programs.

The month of May was also “Mental Health Awareness Month” and we spent some time discussing how Washoe County and REMSA are working to educate and inform our community about services and programs that can help people identify and manage their own mental health. Most importantly, the awareness campaign focuses on helping people talk openly about mental health in a way that is considered to be the first step in destigmatizing these conditions.

We talked about Stroke Awareness, another month-long campaign in May. The most important element in surviving stroke is early identification and response. FAST. As they say, “time is neurons.”

Thanks again to Adam for stopping by to chat with Reno Dads — we learned a great deal about the services that REMSA provides our growing community. Hope you enjoy this episode!

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