Dad for Sale!

I’m always up for a challenge — run a relay race around Tahoe? ✅! Swim a relay race across Tahoe? Double ✅! I’ve mentioned here (and on the podcast) how challenging being a single dad can be here in Reno, so I’m putting myself on the block for auction. Having exhausted all the usual ways of meeting potential partners, I’ve decided that this is the best option. 😜

Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true… The truth is that this Saturday, at The Basement Bachelors & Bachelorettes, I’m being “sold” to the highest bidder. Well, more to the point, the bidding is on a “date” with me. Could be for a potential partner in crime, or maybe just a new friendship, but the ultimate goal is to benefit the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation, a local organization that provides resources and support to children and their family after the onset of a cancer diagnosis.

Over the past few years, we’ve had a few dads on the blog, and on the podcast, who’ve told us their families’ stories about living with childhood cancer, and every time I realize how lucky I am that I’m only dealing with my teenagers asking for the car (and gas money). Childhood cancer? That’s a challenge that I know I wouldn’t want to face alone. And thanks to the NNCCF, families have an incredible resource right here in our community that can help them on their journey with a bit of help and a lot of compassion along the way.

Often times, this nonprofit is the first location a family ends up after the big news, meaning they are usually helping a family who is still reeling and still processing. And as one of the directors I met said, “no one can afford cancer.” No matter what your financial situation is, I think everyone can agree that dealing with the emotional and financial burden of a cancer diagnosis would be a huge strain on any family. When the organizers of this event came to me and asked if I’d help out, it seemed like it would be the least I could do — to take a (new) friend out for dinner or coffee? I’m in!

One thing that I know we strive for here at Reno Dads is to be a place where dads (and families) can find out about what’s happening in the Northern Nevada area, but also that we want to be a community that supports dads. If your family’s faced a challenge like cancer, you know that it “takes a village” to go on that journey. At Reno Dads, we’re always looking for ways to support organizations like the Northern Nevada Children’s Cancer Foundation because we know that even the strongest dads need help when their kids are diagnosed with cancer. Please consider coming out this Saturday — tickets are available here. Hope to see you!

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