Grilled… pizza?

My biggest pet peeve when searching for a recipe online is I have to read an overly lengthy prose piece about how this dish reminds them of their Great Aunt who made this for them in the Winter during their parents’ divorce… or feel free to use your imagination. In any case, I have no emotional connection to Grilled Pizza except it’s delicious and whose kids don’t love pizza? You’ll be a dinner hero and hopefully expand your grilling techniques. Next time you grill a nice, juicy steak you can grill some pizza dough as bread; just add some salt and spices (I would recommend Herbs de Provence).

The only thing I will say is directed at the guys who think their grill must look like the day they bought it. They spend hours cleaning it until the silver slats shine. Do you ever wonder why food sticks? It’s because you need your grill to be seasoned. The process is basically the same as seasoning a cast iron skillet. A little oil, high heat, never clean, just brush. You simply cannot grill pizza with a grill that sticks.


The process is straight forward. You make pizza like you would in an oven, but cook it on the grill. You can go full out and make pizza dough or sauce from scratch, but I recommend just buying premade pizza dough and sauce from the store. If yours doesn’t carry it, I assure you Trader Joes and Whole Foods does.


First, generously dust your counter or cutting board with flour and roll out the dough.


Once rolled out, transfer the dough to a cookie sheet (I use the flat, back side of mine). Make sure you coat the dough with plenty of oil. Olive oil will add the most flavor but use what you have on hand.


Carry your dough out to your hot, brushed grilled and flip the sheet tray onto the grill. You have to have some faith and patience here. If you try to check the dough before it’s ready, you will rip a hole in your dough. Once the dough sears, it will release from the grill.

If I were going to finish the pizza on the grill, just before I flipped the dough, I would turn my grill down slightly and ensure my toppings and sauce were ready to go. Once you flip it, quickly add the sauce, cheese, toppings, etc…. and close the lid to melt the cheese.

Full disclosure, my daughters still turn their nose up at dark grill marks so I opt to sear the other side of the dough and remove from the grill. Then as to not “burn” the pizza (per my kids), I finish the pizza in a hot oven (450 degrees) directly on the rack.

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