Fatherhood Spotlight: Kunall Patel, Davidson’s Organics

For this Fatherhood Spotlight, I sat down with Kunall Patel to talk shop: business and fatherhood. Kunall, and his wife Promilla, are third-generation organic tea growers who took over Davidson’s Organics about 10 years ago. Davidson’s Organics has been a part of our community for more than 40 years. They produce and distribute organic teas all over the US and world, including a new line of Ayurvedic Infused Teas.

Most importantly, they are raising two young boys in the beautiful Truckee Meadows.  You know a great father when you spend the entire time swapping dad stories and barely get to the interview portions of the meeting! While Kunall is not from Reno, he, like so many others, fell in love with this community, the outdoor adventures our area offers, and the change of pace from the bustling East Coast. You can catch Kunall out mountain biking with the kids, on the tennis courts, or just enjoying the outdoors.

You are a business owner and a father, how do you personally make that balance work?

My wife and I compromise on how much time I get to spend at work and home. While I work long weekdays, the weekends are completely with the boys undistracted. This allows me to get “Pa-Time.”

What are the most important values you share with your children/family?

My childhood stories on real life experiences & emotions, all good and bad ones. Those anecdotes and stories somehow really resonate with them and also retain in their memories.

What have you learned about being a father that makes you a better businessman?

With patience, resilience and genuineness, comes great rewards.

What have you learned as a businessman that makes you a better father?

The time value concept. I struggle with this a lot due to work schedule, but soon realize that time waits for no one, that I’ve gotta put in time at home, as much as I put at work.

What are you most proud of as a father? And what do you enjoy most about fatherhood?

The experience of playing and chatting with my kids. As every year goes by, those play time and conversations become even more interesting. I enjoy growing old physically while staying young mentally.

Tell me more about Davidson’s Organics

We are the only true vertically integrated farm to cup story in America as far as organic tea is concerned. 3rd generation organic tea growers from India, marketing the simple pleasures of drinking healthful tea beverages for over 40 years.

I’m also interested in learning more about the Ayurvedic products and why men (and dads) should be consumers of this product line.

I think as working traveling dads, sometimes, we tend to neglect the very facet of staying healthy or caring about our bodies. This new Ayurvedic infusions is catered to all tea lovers, who are seeking a holistic lifestyle to balance their mind, body and spirit through simply enjoying our delicious teas.

What’s next for Davidson Organics?

We never stop innovating. We hope to promote and market this new [Ayurvedic] category for the next 1-2 years, while simultaneously work on formulating and developing other new categories.

Reno Dads Fatherhood Spotlight: Davidson's Organics
Reno Dads Fatherhood Spotlight: Kunall Patel of Davidson’s Organics

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