Reno Dads Top 10 of 2017

As the year rolls to an end, we often pause for reflection – and in this case we’ll reflect on the top 10 posts from 2017. These top 10 were decided based on unique views on the site. If you’re new to Reno Dads, or just want a trip down memory lane, you’ve found the right post.

10. Rules for My Daughters

No, this isn’t an overly controlling dad. In this post, Luigi takes his own spin on Aaron Conrad’s compilation of quotes from Walker Lamond’s book “Rules for My Unborn Son.” He leaves his daughters with 40 “rules” for growing up to become great women.

9. The Modern Political Pawn: Children

It’s difficult to escape politics today – just scroll through your social media feed. As parents, are we guilty of objectifying our children for our own political gain? One of our Reno Dads, Josh, shines a light on a modern day trend that he’s labeled as child abuse.

8. Sex and the Single Dad*

“Dating apps in my 40s? Yeah, things are definitely going according to plan! 😜 ”
Reno Dad Jonathan tells us what it is like to be a single dad in the Biggest Little City in the World.

7. The Painful Truth About Fatherhood

Reno Dad Brett shares all the *truths* about fatherhood in a colorful style that only he can offer. Whether you’re a new dad or savvy vet, you’ll enjoy this article.

6. Dear Perfect Stranger: Please Don’t Touch My Kid

“The last thing you would want is for your child to feel alienated, be seen as grossly different, and to feel utterly powerless in those situations.” Read one Jonathan‘s experience with his son’s physical features being repeatedly pointed out by strangers.

5. 15 Travel Tips from Former Undercover CIA Officers

Check out these 15 travel tips from former undercover CIA Officers that will keep you and your family safer on your journeys!

4. 20 Questions to Ask Your Kids Instead of “How Was Your Day?”

It’s time to stop asking your kids how their day was. Reno Dad Mike offers up 20 alternative questions that will help you avoid hearing the standard, “fine.”

3. Mile-High Blowout

Read Scott‘s story about a classic fatherhood crisis in an unusual place.

2. Your Wife’s Multi-Level Marketing “Business”… Seriously? Seriously.

So, your wife wants to get involved in her own “multi-level marketing” direct sales business, huh? You probably have lots of questions – Reno Dad David did. The first being, “seriously?” If that was your response, you are starting on the same page.

1. Reno Dad Finds Strength After Son’s Death

Can you imagine what it’s like to outlive your child? Could you deliver the eulogy? This must-read article shares the intimate account of the experience of the Brolsma family, as they lost their son, Brooks, and how they’ve managed to move forward since then.

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